Business Line Infrastructure & Real Estate


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Dr. Marcus von Drygalski
Tel. +49 89209205 92

Business Line Infrastructure & Real Estate

Services Portfolio

  • Owner representation
  • Preliminary assessment
    and definition of targets
  • Concept development /
  • Quality management
  • Structure and organisation
  • Cost and
    schedule management
  • Contract management
  • Claim management
  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring
  • Site supervision
  • Health and
    safety coordination
  • Market / -Site Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Micro and macro conditions
  • Market and location suitability
  • Analysis of building fabric
  • Profitability analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Potential for optimisation
  • Needs analysis
  • Market evaluation
  • Contract management
  • Removal management
  • Project Management Academy
  • Organisational shift in focus
  • Lean project management
  • Project-orientated
    working methods
  • Resource management
  • Change management

Project Management, Project Control

Successful project management ensures that agreed targets are met within a set time frame and budget. We work together with you, the client, to define these targets and carry them through to completion in liaison with you. We design a concept for the structure and organization of your project and take care of cost and schedule management. Within the scope of our project management services, we invite tenders and aid you in drawing up and negotiating contracts. We organise quality management and monitor all phases of your project from the initial idea, planning and execution phases to acceptance and commissioning.


Working together with you as a client, our aim is to develop your goals and advise you on how to achieve them. We tailor our scope of services to suit your individual needs. Our team is comprised of engineers and business managers from a wide variety of disciplines, who have become experts in project management through hands-on-experience and the internal, interdisciplinary exchange of know-how. As your partner, we will always be at your side monitoring your goals. We will develop your ideas, structure the decision-making process, coordinate planning and implementation. Our expertise makes your project a success. Establishing a specific project organisation, building a team with a common goal and bundling the strengths of all project participants are the deciding factors for achieving optimum results for you, the client.

What you can expect from us

We provide comprehensive services covering the entire field or project management for real estate and transport infrastructure. A comprehensive approach to task assignment plays a significant role in ensuring long-term success. Renowned clients from the public sector as well as the manufacturing and service industries value our professional performance and commitment.


Our Business Line Infrastructure & Real Estate was first created in 1989 as a project management division of Weidleplan Consulting, a multi-discipline construction design office providing global consultancy services. In 1994 wpm Projektmanagement established itself as an independent company and became a member of the Dornier Consulting Group in 2005.


Dr. Marcus von Drygalski
Frankfurter Ring 193a
80807 Munich, Germany
Tel. +49 89209205 92