It is not the capital determining the value of a company, but the spirit that prevails therein.
Prof. Claude Dornier


Charlottenstraße 18
10117 Berlin

Success through knowledge and experience

Success through knowledge and experience.
We owe our success to the quality of our services, which are shaped by the talent, the expertise and the commitment of the people at Dornier Consulting International. With clear values, an open, performance-oriented corporate culture and comprehensive further training and development programmes, we support our employees to put the high standards and targets of an internationally recognised company into practice.

Success in our projects is based on our professional expertise, innovative and workable solutions, the quality of our project management and our professional, methodical and social competencies. To constantly meet these requirements, we regard the transparent and proactive development, the promotion and qualification of our consultants as key investments in the future.

Dornier Consulting International offers development possibilities in consulting and management careers. Both careers are flanked by individual training and development measures. Irrespective of position and level, every employee has the chance to assume project management responsibility. The central element of personnel development is the annual superior-subordinate discussion. In this discussion, the performance and target achievement of the past year are reviewed and future targets and development measures are agreed for the coming year.

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