Value System

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Prof. Claude Dornier


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Value System

Professional Service and Consulting organizations can only be successful with the clients they serve. We believe that the base for supreme consulting work roots in highest quality and utmost reliability in the daily work. It requires standards and values to adhere to that in a sustainable way.

Dornier Consulting International has given itself a Value System to ensure we keep focused on quality and reliability in our client work. They are touching upon our direct client interactions, our internal behaviors and upon general matters of our organization.

This Value System serves as an internal guiding principle for all our people, and thus represents a core enabler for Dornier Consulting International to jointly achieve our Company Mission.


  • Client first
  • Outside the box
  • Sustainable
  • Passionate
  • Ethically compliant


  • Team orientation
  • Non hierarchical
  • Respect towards individuals
  • Shared information
  • Professional discussion culture


  • Cost awareness
  • Continuous improvement
  • State of the art expertise
  • Flexibility / Agility